Igreja de São João Evangelista - Igreja dos Lóios

Visitor's Guide

Igreja dos Lóios, Évora

The Gothic portal of the church, which is known by two names -- Igreja de São João Evangelista or Igreja dos Lóios

Built as the temple that would be the resting place of a count and his family in 1485, this is one of Portugal’s most beautiful churches. It was part of a convent that’s been turned into a hotel, and is now privately owned. It’s connected to the 14th-century Cadaval Palace, which is still an aristocratic residence but that opens part of its interior for temporary exhibitions. Those range from sacred to contemporary art.

Igreja dos Lóios, Évora

The magnificently-tiled interior of the church

The church, accessed through a Gothic portal, stands out for the magnificent tile panels that cover the walls. They were created in 1711 by the master António de Oliveira Bernardes, and depict scenes from the life of St. Lawrence Justinian. Through an opening on the floor you can see the crypt, which is next to a Moorish cistern. On the side chapels are fine examples of gilded wood carving.

Igreja de São João Evangelista, Évora

The church mixes Gothic and Baroque architecture

As it faces the Roman temple, it should not be missed by anyone visiting Évora.

Azulejos, Évora

The tile panels depict scenes from the life of St. Lawrence Justinian

Largo do Conde de Vila Flor, Évora

Admission and Tickets to Lóios Church

Unlike most churches in the city, it charges admission (€7.00), but a ticket includes the exhibitions in the palace next door.

It opens from 10am to 6pm, every day except Monday.