Day Trip from Lisbon to Évora

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Évora street

The express bus is the most convenient way to reach Évora, but driving allows you to stop at other attractions in the region.

Although there are many great destinations for day trips in the Lisbon region (like Sintra, Cascais, Óbidos, Ericeira, and several beaches), many travelers to the Portuguese capital can’t resist going a little further and exploring historic Évora. It’s the main city of the province of Alentejo, and is a well-preserved 15th-century World Heritage Site. It has a number of interesting attractions, including a Roman temple, a royal church with a bizarre chapel covered with human bones, and a fortress-like Gothic cathedral.

Lisbon train

The train from Lisbon departs from Oriente Station

The city can be reached from Lisbon by regular train and bus services. The bus is recommended for day trips, as there are only five daily train departures (only two in the morning). Both the train and the bus take just over 90 minutes to reach Évora, but the bus is the cheaper option. However, the train journey can be more pleasant than going down a highway, and it does offer more leg room. If that sounds better to you, take the 7:02am or 9:02 train that departs from Oriente Station.

Évora walls

The entrance to the walled city of Évora

Those who prefer to drive, may take the A2 and A6 highways, and will also be there in just over 90 minutes. Going by car allows stops at the fascinating megalithic sites in the region, like the Almendres Cromlech, which is known as the “Portuguese Stonehenge.” These sites can’t be reached by public transportation, so you’ll miss them on a day trip if you’re going by train or bus.
Almost all attractions in the city are found inside its medieval wall, and all are within walking distance, following cobbled pedestrian streets. The three attractions that take the longest to see are the Chapel of Bones, the cathedral, and the Évora Museum. The other churches, the Roman temple, and other monuments, can be visited rather quickly. This means that you can see most of the city in a few hours. However, you should remember that about 3 hours of your day will be spent in transportation, so you may consider an overnight stay (see the city’s 10 best hotels).

Évora bus station

Évora's bus station is within walking distance of most attractions

There is also the option of an organized tour, which departs from Lisbon in the morning and returns in the evening. These tours cover the main sights, but miss others that may be of interest to you. Some also stop in towns and villages in the region, like the medieval village of Monsaraz. A tour is also the only way to visit the megalithic sites without renting a car -- Évora And Megalithic Circuit
For complete details about public transportation, see the guide to the bus and train from Lisbon to Évora.