Évora University

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Évora University

The Renaissance cloister of the university

A short walk from the cathedral and Largo da Porta de Moura (following Rua do Conde da Serra da Tourega) is the old Jesuit university, founded in 1559.

Évora University

A classroom decorated with baroque tile panels

Now the University of Évora, it preserves much of the original architecture (like the elegant Renaissance marble cloisters) and the baroque additions from the 17th and 18th centuries (like the baroque tile panels that decorate the classrooms). Many of these panels illustrate the subjects taught at the original university. There’s also a library that visitors are allowed to peak into and admire the frescoed ceiling from the 1700s.

Universidade de Évora

The hallways also feature tile panels, illustrating many of the subjects taught at the original university.

The university was closed for many years, until it was reestablished in 1979. It’s open to visitors, even during classes, and although it’s not as monumental as Coimbra University, it’s still an interesting sight that’s worth a stop in Évora. Close to 8,000 students attend classes here, 1,500 of them from other countries, completing one of the 40 Bachelor's degrees, 55 Master's or 31 Doctorates.

Universidade de Évora

Much of the university's original architecture has been preserved

The entrance is next to Igreja do Espírito Santo (Church of the Holy Spirit), also built in the 16th century, in Mannerist style and inspired by Gesù Church in Rome, which was a model for so many around the Catholic world. Outside, the church has a portico with seven round arches, and inside are gilded chapels and frescoes depicting scenes related to the Jesuits.

Igreja do Espírito Santo, Évora

The entance to the university is found next to the adjoining Church of the Holy Spirit

Largo dos Colegiais, 2

Admission and Tickets to Évora University

Tickets are €3.