Dolmen of Zambujeiro

Visitor's Guide

Dolmen of Zambujeiro, Évora

The dolmen is now under a protective cover (Photo: Ken & Nyetta)

The city of Évora is surrounded by important prehistoric monuments and this one is the most extraordinary. It's a dolmen measuring over 7 meters (23 feet) above ground, built some 6000 years ago as a burial place and with religious purposes. Seven enormous stones were used to create a polygonal structure, which had a 12m-long passageway, and was covered with dirt and stones to look like a small hill.

Anta do Zambujeiro, Évora

Inside the dolmen (Photo: John Atherton)

Older than Egypt's great pyramids, these types of constructions were common throughout Western Europe, particularly in Britain, France and Portugal, and this one is the largest still standing on the continent.
Some artifacts, such as weapons and jewelry, were found in archaeological excavations on the site, and can be seen in the Évora Museum. It's been classified as a National Monument and is now under a protective cover.

How to Get to the Dolmen of Zambujeiro

The dolmen of Zambujeiro is located about 13km (8 miles), or 20 minutes, outside Évora, following road N380. There is no public transportation to the site.